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Dentist Reviews - Schenectady, NY • Capital District

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Finding the best dentist in the Capital District can be hard. Fortunately, online reviews make this process easier, but weeding through all the different websites and narrowing things down is a hassle! We like to think our unique brand of high-quality dentistry paired with unsurpassed service is the best around, but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve collected what others have said about us on Facebook, Google, and our patient surveys below—click on one of the buttons to read up on us.

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Letters from Our Patients

I want to thank everyone at Capital Smiles, not only for their high level of customer service, but their exceptional standard of care. All of the staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at ease before, during, and after your procedure. Thank you all! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this practice!

Margaret S.

Best dentist I've been to in the area! Staff is very friendly and Dr. Page seems to really care about her patients. I will definitely be returning in the future!

Nichole H.

"Since my consultation last week, I have wanted to send a “thank you” card for the visit... I have not been able to find a card to say exactly what I want to express in words. Hence, this letter:

It is important to me that you know how grateful I am that I kept my appointment. I was quite nervous, and honestly, very skeptical. For the past year, I have been to FOUR dentists—seeking advice, guidance, and most of all, looking for HOPE with my dental issues. Sadly, at each of the four offices I had been to, I left in worse shape than I went in...

I mention the above to you so you are aware of just how powerful and uplifting my experience with your office was. From reception forward, I was treated with care and compassion. I felt like I was finally being heard by the way I was listened and talked to. I was not put down, rushed or embarrassed. My heart felt your sincerity.

Although I am nervous, I am truly looking forward to my appointment... I believe I will finally be able to SMILE. Thank you very much."

Christine T.

"For anyone who has put off going to a dentist due to past experience, things have changed in 30 years! I have finally found a dentist, Dr. Page, I can trust! No pain, no humiliation and the best assistant ever, Kimberly! After 30 years of painful teeth and a smile I was ashamed of, I'm finally going to get the smile I deserve... Kudos to you Dr. Page and Kimberly, my newest angels! Thank you."

Melody E.

"I have always been terrified of dentists and have had some horrible experiences with them in years past. But, at Capital Smiles, the staff and dentist is so calming and accommodating. They make you feel like you are going to be just fine. They really care about your teeth, not just, okay let’s fill this tooth and you are out of here. They care and I really like that."

Robin M.

 "I love Capital Smiles! I live an hour and 45 minutes away from the office but take the drive to come to a place that is always amazing. I have NEVER received anything but the BEST quality care here from all of the staff. Even when having multiple fillings done, the staff has always been conscientious of my anxiety, comfort, and needs. Dr. Page has been phenomenal, and I will never go to another dentist again."

Jessica E.

"Dear Dr. Page, I am so pleased with my new teeth! You did a terrific job - even the chip is gone... I will see you for the implant in the near future. Thanks again, you are a tooth artist! Keep Well."

Mary Jane V.

"I brought my daughter to Capital Smiles to get a baby tooth extraction. I have always felt so comfortable anytime we have visited the practice previously for cleanings and routine visits. After an unrealistic fear of dentists for years, I felt compelled to share with Dr. Page and her assistant the issues I was having with my own mouth. We came up with a plan to get the much overdo work on my teeth into motion. I have never felt more surrounded by professionals who were eager to help and ease my fears. My daughter’s procedure went wonderful, after she bragged she had the best dentist ever and nothing hurt. A couple hours later she was playing and carrying on like usual. The office is clean, friendly and also later in the evening Dr. Page had called to check in on my daughter to make sure all was well. So rare, and beyond appreciated!!"

Natalia K.

"Dr. Page was great, she was professional, a good technician and practiced painless dentistry. I trust her to do great work, and she delivers!!"

Robert E.

 "I have been very satisfied with my experience at Capital Smiles. Dr. Page is professional, thorough and obviously very skilled. I have had a cleaning, whitening, two wisdom tooth extractions, two crowns and two fillings done in less than a month, all with a minimum of stress and discomfort, and never feeling rushed, judged or like I was an inconvenience. The facility is clean, the equipment is state-of-the-art, and the staff is friendly and courteous."

Jim F.

"Dr. Page and her assistant were awesome, I went to Capital Smiles for the pain free dentistry, but in the situation I was in I had to suck it up and have this tooth out asap, and it's my own fault for waiting so long. Dr. Page had to work hard to get the tooth out, and yes after the Novocain wore off it was very painful but her and her staff really made me feel as comfortable as they could. After this was done the staff continued to call and check on me to make sure I was still as comfortable as I could be. I would recommend Dr. Page to all my friends and family. I am looking forward to my July appointment and to finally having the smile I have been waiting so long for. Thank you very much Dr. Page and to her wonderful staff you ladies rock."

Brian D.

"Dr. Page is unbelievable! I had a two-hour procedure and felt extremely nervous about how much pain I was going to experience. I absolutely HATE getting my teeth worked on. Dr. Page was so patient and attentive! She was able to read my facial expressions when she was doing the work, and she stopped to ask me if something was uncomfortable. I was trying to tolerate the discomfort, but Dr. Page didn't hesitate to offer me things to make me more comfortable. I have never felt so comfortable and confident with a dentist before (and I am no stranger to dental work, unfortunately). I will recommend this practice to everyone I know, and I am relieved that I will have a whole lot less anxiety about coming back for my checkups! Thank you to all of you at Capital Smiles!"

Alicia B.

"My teeth were in very poor condition when I tried this dentist. Over the last 40 years I have been to several dentists and they all took care of the most obvious problems. These folks provided excellent care for the problem that caused me to come in here, and then they actually repaired dental problems that I was not really aware of. They say that poor dental hygiene can lead to circulation problems, and I had a blood clot that could have taken my life. Since I have been here my blood pressure has lowered to the normal range, I have lost weight, and I feel better overall."

Robert R.

"I’d thought about braces many times over the years, but simply did not think that anything that was advertised as pain-free and invisible could possibly straighten teeth that had been crooked for over 35 years.

As I got more familiar with the process (see you for a visit, wear the braces for two weeks apiece, change to another set, etc.), it became more of a routine that melded into my life. Few people knew I was trying to straighten my teeth after all these years, and those in the know started to notice changes in my teeth.

I’ve made 300 mile trips each way to see you every 6-8 weeks for almost 2 years now, but I am finally finished with the treatment and can smile about the differences in my appearance.

You and your staff have been great to work with, doubly so as it relates to scheduling my visits so that they are convenient for a comfortable 300-mile trip back to NY. I was clearly experimenting with braces when I started, not really thinking it could work, but it did, and I have the straight teeth and smile to prove it. Thanks to you, Char, Beth, Kim and Francine for helping to give me this new and improved look…not bad for a 60-year-old!"

Carolyn C.

"Thanks to everyone at Capital Smiles I have been able to have the smile I have always wanted. At first I was unsure whether I wanted to be stuck using Invisalign, but as soon as I started I was glad I did. I couldn’t even tell I was wearing them, and what’s even better is no one else could either. The process was short and the appointments were quick and easy. All together my experience with Capital Smiles and Invisalign was great."

Andrew N.

"It has been a pleasure to be a patient at Capital Smiles. I have never felt more comfortable or at ease while being in a doctor’s office. The staff at Capital Smiles are all super nice and friendly.

Not only have they all been a pleasure to visit for years, they have done their personal best to make me happy with my smile and my teeth.

I personally feel much more confident when talking out loud in public after completing the Invisalign treatment program.

I would recommend anyone to visit Capital Smiles, because under their care your personal expectations will likely be exceeded."

Larry D.

"It's a pleasure knowing and dealing with such a great team!"

Teresa N.

"This is the best dentist office I've ever been in....You could not be treated any better than here!"

Mark K.

"From the beginning, as a patient and a person, I've never experienced such professional dental care. You gave me my smile back and I'm very proud to wear it. Your creativity is amazing!"

Brenda E.

 "I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart. because of them I can finally have a beautiful smile and no fear of a dentist office."

Kim Z.

 "Each individual in this office treats me with kindness and respect and always with my comfort in mind."

Diane B.

 "The boost in my appearance has given a boost to my self-esteem and self-confidence. I feel hope for the first time in many years."

Lisa O.

"I feel like a whole new person since I got my implants. ...Coming to this office was the best decision I ever made."

Virginia M.

 "What can I say about your staff- they stand on their own. They are genuine caring women who are very professional yet personable.... It's worth the time I have to travel!"

Barb W.

"Please, if you are afraid of dental work, try conscious sedation with Dr. and his great staff. You won't regret it. "

Roger B.

 "I'm 54 years old and haven't openly smiled for 35 years. Now, without embarrassment, I can openly smile. My teeth look great and not fake."

Joseph S.

"The Capital Smiles family has truly changed my view of the dentist's office...I cannot recommend Capital Smiles enough. They are fantastic."

Mark W.

"Had I known how much fun a visit to the dentist's office could be, I would have called Capital Smiles a lot sooner."

Barbara A.

"I feel like a whole new person since I got my implants. After years of suffering with my lower denture I now have no pain. It is wonderful. I was shocked at how much they felt like my own teeth- sometimes I even forget. I was very happy with the office- it's very comfortable and all of the staff are just great. Coming to this office was the best decision I ever made. I am much happier now and also it has really helped my self-confidence. I would strongly advise anyone else in my situation to get implants."

Virginia M.

"I have been a patient at this practice for many years. I have always been treated with kindness, respect and compassion."

Harris F.

 "My experiences at Capital Smiles have been above and beyond anything I would have expected from a dental office. I was immediately taken by their friendly atmosphere where everyone knew my name. The technology and equipment is state of the art as well, allowing me to see and understand any procedure necessary as well as experience the procedure in the most comfortable manner possible.... You're not treated as a customer but rather a friend or family member. From parties to fund raisers to financially flexibility to just overall concern, Capital Smiles is more than your basic dental office and I would recommend them to anyone."

Bill N.

 "I wish to let you know that I have never been so pleased with a dentist, his staff and the work that was done on my mouth. I greatly appreciate your time and would highly recommend your services."

Larisa G.

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